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Workers Comp Insurance

Workers’ Compensation Insurance allows workers to be compensated and made whole when they get injured on the job. Even if an employer only has one employee, it is mandatory for employers to carry this form of insurance in many states, including California. Schumacher Insurance Solutions can help you navigate the right policy for your business and employees. At Schumacher Insurance Solutions we are ready to offer you peace of mind.

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Employee Investment

Having the right Workers’ Comp insurance communicates value to your employees. It shows that you care about the injuries they may receive while they are on the job; in other words, you care about them, not just the work they do. An investment in quality Workers’ Comp insurance is an investment in your employees.

Your Strategy

Employee injuries can range from car accidents, back injuries, injuries due to equipment malfunctions, and many other incidents. Your Workers’ Comp plan should cover medical expenses for the employee, lost wages from time off because of an injury, and even compensation to family in the case of death of the employee. We can help you cover your business with the right Workers’ Comp plan.

What Clients Are Saying


"Schumacher Insurance Solutions have provided excellent service and products for both my personal and business needs. They have been fantastic to deal with when we had a claim."



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