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Agriculture & Farm Insurance

Even with the best preparation and tools, agribusiness and farming can be risky due to factors beyond your control. Schumacher Insurance Solutions would like to mitigate some of the stress of the unknown by assisting you with insurance policies to cover equipment, property, and income loss. We seek to provide a sense of guidance, protection and peace through the Ag and Farm insurance solutions we offer.


Farm Liability

Running a farm or agribusiness is not for the risk averse! Many aspects of farming are outside of the farmer’s control. As an Agribusiness and Farm Insurance Specialist in the state of California, Schumacher Insurance Solutions understands the specific risks of agribusiness and farms and is proud to offer you the right protection for your farm. Common Farm Liability insurance includes injury or damage to other people or property caused by your animals, or injury to people on your property, and other claims resulting from operating a farm or agribusiness.

Farm Dwelling

Farm dwelling insurance covers loss to building structures, loss because of injury on your property, and possibly personal property loss.  Not only will this form of insurance cover buildings you live in, but also any attached structures, barns, shops or rental properties associated with your farm.

Farm Equipment

When equipment breaks down, all farming or agribusiness activities come to a screeching halt. Schumacher Insurance Solutions can help you with an insurance policy to replace or repair farm equipment that has disrupted operations because of power surges, mechanical breakdown, motor burnout, and even operator error.

Farm Livestock Insurance

Livestock insurance may cover injury, illness or loss of your livestock related to natural disasters such as fire or freezing storms, and may even cover incidents that arise from the transportation of your animals. The insurance value of your animals may vary, but value starts at the purchase price for the animal. An expert at Schumacher Insurance Solutions will be able to help you obtain the right coverage for the right price in the area of livestock insurance.

Equine Insurance

Your horse is an important asset on your farm and to your family. You can purchase Full Mortality and Theft insurance to reimburse you in the case of the death of your horse as a result of injury, illness, disease, humane termination, transportation or theft. Additionally you can purchase Major Medical insurance for your horse, to cover the cost of medical bills related to accident, sickness or disease. If your horse becomes unable to perform the duty for which it is insured, you can get insurance to cover this Loss of Use. Finally, if your stallion is incapable of producing offspring due to an accident, illness or disease, insurance may cover your stallion’s infertility. Let us know how we can help you insure your horse today.

Umbrella Policy

As the name implies, an Umbrella policy will cover damage that may exceed the limits of other basic insurance policies. Personal Umbrella policies may help with costs from car accidents, accidental injuries on your property, incidents involving your boat or other recreational vehicles, defense fees and other legal costs, and even claims for libel, slander and other Personal Injury claims.

What Clients Are Saying


"I learned today why it is so important to work with someone you trust and someone that works as diligently as Pat does. Pat takes care of his customers and that peace of mind, I realized today, is invaluable."



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